Power PlatForm PipeLine DeepDive

Power PlatForm PipeLine DeepDive

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·Dec 22, 2022·

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Papers about Tools & Apps used for Managing ALM for Power Platform- Power Platform Pipelines

Power Platform Pipelines preview is designed to make application lifecycle management (ALM) more accessible and easier to use for customers of Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

It provides automation and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities within the service, allowing a wider range of users, including makers, admins, and developers, to take advantage of these features.

The referenced document & video which was created by me, PowerPlatformPipelines.pdf includes a detailed view of the below contents,

  • List of Available ALM tools & apps for managing ALM in Power Platform.

  • Power Platform Pipelines Preview.

  • Once the power platform pipelines app is installed on the Host environment, what major inbuilt solutions are available for automating the deployment?

  • How to choose an environment for setting up the pipelines for different tenants?

  • An overview of inbuild Power Platform Pipeline Solutions - App Deployment Model Apps & App Deployment Metadata.

  • The steps for configuring pipelines in a host environment using the Deployment pipeline configuration model-driven app.

  • Steps to run pipelines in a development environment.

  • Power platform pipelines app installation, configuration, and running demo.

  • An overview of Monitoring and security roles available for the deployment process.

Link for the detailed deep dive document power pipelines

Link for the detailed deep dive video of power platform pipelines part 1

Link for the details deep dive of the video power platform pipeline part 2

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